Auto Replenishment System

Maintain Optimum Inventory Levels 24*7 and Omit Out-of-Stock situations

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reduction in stock-outs
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reduction in inventory holding costs
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reduction in returns of expired goods

Bizom’s Auto Replenishment System is an inventory management tool automatically maintains the desired levels of inventory at retail outlets without hurting the freshness of goods and cash flow of the seller. 

Automated Inventory Stocking for All Retail Outlets

An inventory management process that helps in maintaining the desired levels of inventory at the customer end.

Increase Sales

Improve range selling and stock availability.

Freshness of Inventory

Better demand forecasting allows for higher sell-through rates.

Low Inventory Cost

Lower inventory costs with optimized allocation.

Optimization of Logistics

Just-in-time fulfilment which minimizes wastages.

Case Studies

How a Leading Confectionery brand Improved Skewness in Billing and Improved Fill-rates.

The adoption of Bizom’s ARS created significant results, helping overcome all the inventory management challenges.

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Bizom Auto Replenishment System

Bizom’s Auto Replenishment System is a computerised system that analyses inventory levels and lead times, and re-orders stock to meet forecast sales needs.

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