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Bizom Distributor Management System is built to adapt seamlessly with every distributor’s work life and boost their productivity.


Inventory Management

Ensures effective management of distributor inventory to guarantee ideal stocking.


Primary Order & Billing

Sends primary orders, Generate GRNs, distributor ledgers and bill to retailers with customised invoicing option.


Order Fulfillment & Sales Return

Distributors can mark complete and partial deliveries and take returns based on SKU or invoices.


Secondary Order Booking

Helps distributors book orders from retailers and do counter sales.


Schemes & Discounts

Run various types of trade promotions both at the distributor level and warehouse level.


Delivery Automation

Ensure optimum availability of products by automating last mile delivery & sales processes.


Claims Settlement

Submit claims to brands on price change, product return, damages, promotion, etc.


Collection & Banking

Simplify taxation-related instances and keep them rest assured about compliance norms.


Local Taxation & Compliance Support

Simplify taxation-related instances and keep them rest assured about compliance norms


Reports & Dashboards

Data-driven decision-making with attractive, interactive analytics to monitor DSRs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Distributor Management System (DMS) is a robust software solution that empowers businesses to streamline, optimize, and orchestrate their distribution processes. From inventory management to order processing and sales tracking, a DMS is engineered to provide comprehensive control over every facet of your distribution network.
  • Training: Thoroughly train your team on using the Distributor Management System, making sure they're comfortable with all features and functionalities.
  • Data Migration: Migrate your existing data into the Distributor Management System accurately to maintain continuity and avoid disruptions.
  • Ongoing Support: Partner with a provider that offers reliable customer support to address any issues or queries promptly.
A Distributor Management System significantly enhances supply chain efficiency by streamlining various distribution processes. It optimizes order processing, inventory management, and demand forecasting. With real-time insights into inventory levels, order status, and sales performance, the DMS ensures that the right products are available at the right time, reducing stockouts and overstocking. This leads to smoother operations, minimized lead times, and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction. Hence, brands get complete visibility on their primary sales.
Absolutely. A well-implemented Distributor Management System can lead to reduced distribution costs in multiple ways. By optimizing inventory levels, brands can avoid excess inventory holding costs and reduce carrying costs. Efficient order processing minimizes errors and associated costs, while accurate demand forecasting helps prevent underutilization of resources. Additionally, better coordination between distributors and the central hub results in streamlined logistics (van sales) and reduced transportation costs.
Integrating a Distributor Management System with existing systems, such as ERP, Tally and CRM, creates a unified ecosystem that enhances performance. Data synchronization between systems ensures consistent and accurate information across the organization. For instance, integration with ERP systems helps maintain accurate inventory data, while CRM integration provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions. This synergy enables better decision-making, eliminates data silos, and improves overall efficiency.

Smooth adoption of the Distributor Management System requires a strategic approach. Businesses should focus on comprehensive training to ensure users are comfortable with the system's functionalities. Adequate change management strategies, involving stakeholders early in the process, can mitigate resistance to change. Clear communication of benefits, addressing user concerns, and ongoing support contribute to a successful DMS adoption.

A Distributor Management System facilitates global distribution by offering centralized control over multi-location operations. It provides real-time insights into inventory levels, demand trends, and sales performance across different regions. With accurate visibility, businesses can optimize international logistics, manage cross-border compliance, and ensure consistent service levels, making global distribution more efficient and responsive.
Yes, the invoice templates can be customized as per the client’s needs.

Yes, the Bizom Distributor Management System solution can emulate the multi-level business hierarchies used at different organizations and can include as many designations as your business needs.

Yes, it is possible to integrate Bizom Distributor Management System with other ERP systems. Bizom has integrations with all major ERPs with API-based or SFTP methodology.

Yes, the Bizom Distributor Management System system supports batch-wise inventory management.

Yes, it can be integrated. However, Bizom enables only one-way integration where the Tally system can be made available with Bizom data.
The real-time analytics of the Distributor Management System empowers businesses to track distributor performance through metrics such as order processing times, sales growth, and inventory turnover. These insights enable data-driven decision-making, allowing businesses to identify high-performing distributors, allocate resources effectively, and optimize distribution strategies for maximum efficiency and profitability.

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