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Web and Mobile DMS

360 degree real-time primary and secondary sales automation solution

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growth in orders for a leading
global confectioner
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increase in average time in market for leading
beverage brand
1 %
100% attendence registration for a leading
packaged food brand

Bizom DMS provides complete automation of distribution workflows
and provides complete visibility of transactions
along the supply chain.

Bizom DMS is available in 3 modes

Bizom DMS - End to End Solution for Distribution Management

Empower your supply channel partners with these power packed features!


Enables real-time updating of inventory, ensuring optimum stock at distributor and zero stock-outs at retailers.

Fulfillment & Sale Returns

Distributors can mark complete and partial deliveries can take returns based on SKU or invoice.

Order & Billing

Place primary orders, Generate GRN’s, bill to retailer with customized invoicing option from Bizom.

Order Booking

Bizom will help you to book orders from retailers and do the counter sale.

Schemes & Discounts

Run various types of schemes and discounts both at distributor and warehouse level.

Distributor Claims

Distributors can submit claims to company on price change, schemes & discounts, DSR claims, etc.

Collection & Banking

Manage your collections from retailers and record banking transactions.

Reports & Dashboards

Data driven decision making with attractive, interactive reports and dashboards.

Case Studies

Helping Pepsi significantly reduce their trade spend in traditional trade

Pepsi faced the challenge of leakage in variable discounts extended via channel partner network in one of their emerging markets. A complete lack of visibility on benefit transfer significantly reduced their ability to drive growth in these markets

Bausch and Lomb improves customer service by moving 6k retailers to a connected supply chain

Despite having a lion’s market share in both lens care and contact lens segments, B & L realised that it needed to further improve its customer service in one of their emerging markets.

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Customer Testimonials

Elite Foods: Rethinking Distributor Management with Bizom

Driving change is not easy. Elite Foods wanted to deploy a distribution management system (DMS) to collect hygienic data and gain visibility to assist accurate decision making. After spending three days with the Bizom team, Parvathi Iyer, Manager – Strategy at Elite Foods knew Bizom was the platform they needed.

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