Attendance & Leave Management

Increase your team’s productivity with an intelligent attendance and leave automation tool.

0 %
growth in orders for a leading
global confectioner
0 %
increase in average time in market for leading
beverage brand
1 %
100% attendence registration for a leading
packaged food brand
Full-featured, SFA integrated attendance management system saves sales reps time by marking attendance on the go, right from their mobile phones:

Top attendance and leave management tool for CPG businesses

Harness the power of automation to manage your team’s productivity better.

Smartphone Based Attendance

Time stamped, geo tagged selfie based attendance.


Easy leave management via
configurable leave options.

Customizable Duty Report

Duty report options can be
customized (Field visit, Conference, etc).

Reports And

EOD reports and configurable
attendance reports ensure increased timing compliance on the field.

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