Order Management

Complete secondary sales automation from order booking, processing, sales returns to invoice management

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visibility into primary and secondary orders
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Bizom is full of thoughtful features to help your salesmen sell more
easily, efficiently and smartly.

Order Management Solution for Smarter Salesforce

Automate real time orders and returns – eliminate manual bottlenecks

Real-Time Order Management

Real-time order acceptance based on distributor inventory.

Virtual DMS

Salesmen audit distributor inventory and fulfil orders on the app on behalf of the distributor.

Schemes and Discount Management

Run various types of schemes and discounts to retailers.


Set targets in a social context for your sales team to boost orders.

Route and
Journey Plan

Preconfigure beats and journey plans for your salesmen with geolocation and ensure compliance.


Enable salesmen to show off products digitally to retailers via their mobile phones.

Intelligent Order Suggestions

Innovative algorithms to sell smarter via suggested orders, highlighted focus SKUs, and more.

Analytics and

Performance metrics for salesmen and analytics for managers for data-driven

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