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How to drive self orders from your retailers


How to drive self orders from your retailers

In this session, we discuss the next steps for brands once they have enabled retailer self-ordering. If you would like to know how you could drive growth and increase orders from your retailers, then this webinar is for you.

Ensuring Product Availability in Times of Lockdown

If you have any of these questions in your mind, watch this webinar recording; how are retailers able to stock up their shelves? What are they ordering? Who are the unsung heroes keeping the supply chains alive? What are they doing differently to ensure orders and fulfilment?

Bizom | BL Agro: Aggregating Retailer Data for Powerful Retail Execution

Collecting retailer data was crucial for BL Agro’s expansion plans. They started with 25 retailers in Delhi, and now they work with 55,000 retailers across five states. To know the whole story and how BL Agro overcome the issue, watch this webinar.

Digital Supply Chain for the New Normal

A discussion with two prominent thought leaders from the industry, we try to address the current trends in consumption, challenges post lockdown and technology innovations driving change.

How JLL overcame supply chain disruptions with Bizom Retailer App?

Catch Jyothy Laboratories’s K Anil Sarma , Vice President Sales and Ravi Razdan, Head IT & HR talk about their experience to Lalit Bhise, CEO of Bizom.

Digitize, Optimize, Expand: Driving RTM Effectiveness Amidst Disruptions

Listen to the speaker from Emami Agro how they have digitized, optimized and expanded their RTM during COVID.

Transforming CPG Distribution in Emerging Markets with B2B E-commerce

Catch this insightful conversation between OP Dhamija, MD Dhamija Grinders, and Krishna Kothari, CEO -UK, Mobisy Technologies about transforming distribution with B2B E-Commerce.

Amplifying Sales Growth and Profitability through Gamification

Tune in for an enlightening webinar where Aswin Prasad, Deputy General Manager at The Hershey Company and Ganesh K, Senior General Manager at Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd share their insights on Amplifying Sales Growth and Profitability through Gamification.

Emerging Consumer Goods Brands during the Pandemic

Catch Ankur Goel, Apurva Anand, Shauravi Malik, Chirag Gupta and Lalit Bhise, discussing how insurgent brands have emerged during the pandemic.

Distribution Consolidation and Reawakening of the #MultiBrandDistribution​!

Catch the exciting conversation between Ashok Dhingra, Ankur Gattani, Chandresh Shah and Shafiq Mamdani on distribution consolidation​ and reawakening of the multi brand distribution​.

Route to Market Strategy for the new normal

Be a part of this insightful conversation with speakers from GRB Dairy Food, Tirumala Milk and Bizom where we discuss the strategies adopted by brands to create a route to market in the new normal.

Bizom | Akshayakalpa: Dairy Farms to Consumers

Catch this insightful conversation between Shashi Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Akshayakalpa and Achyut Awasthi, Head of Growth, Mobisy Technologies, about how technology is accelerating the speed to market for organic dairy products.

Bizom | Bausch + Lomb: Reimagining Route To Market in a Post-Covid Era

Catch this insightful conversation between Sanjay Bhutani, Managing Director, Bausch + Lomb and Lalit Bhise, CEO, Mobisy Technologies, about how to reimagine route to market in a post-covid era.

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