Easy credit solution for problem-free distribution

No cash should never mean no sales. Enable B2B BNPL to give instant credit to your channel sellers.

The last mile is a major part of distribution, however, lack of funds often pushes retailers to stay put and not play big, reducing the speed of growth. 

Credit offered to retailers is monitored in a decentralized manner, which makes it difficult for brands to service adhoc requests for credit in cases of increased demand, potentially causing tertiary denials and customer dissatisfaction.

Well, not anymore.

No more

need for sales teams to spend their time and efforts on collecting past dues.

No more

delay in payments!

No more

manual tracking of credit lines!

Instant credit for B2B businesses

Build a system where cash is no constraint

Real-time credit validation

14 days credit

Full transparency for retailers


0% interest upto 25 Lakhs

Higher liquidity and better cashflow for channel partners

Increased workforce efficiency through reduction in collection time

Automated settlements to distributors

Experience the future of payment with Bizom

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