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Real-time management of ready stock sales with Bizom Van Sales Automation

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Ensure correct stocking of products and ideal drop off at outlets with sale suggestions by pre-coded algorithms.

Inventory & load management

Vehicle & route management

Financial Management

Manage collections and end-of-day settlements

Manage trade promotions

Automate sales and sales return

Easy load-out approval and load sheet generation

Completion on-the-move management of your direct store delivery operation

Real-Time Map-Based Van Tracking:

Track the total distance covered and productivity at each outlet on a Map, with geo-fencing and real-time tracking.

Real-Time Van Inventory Management:

Real-time van inventory management helps in updating existing stock in a van with each transaction.

Mobile Billing Using Bluetooth Printer:

Invoices are printed via a Bluetooth printer upon completing a sale from the delivery van.

Collections, Payments & Schemes:

A solution that provides tracking of collections, and payments and allows transparent schemes set up.

Now plan, stock, dispatch, track and invoice your van goods in real time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bizom Van Sales Automation Software is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage ready stock sales in real-time. It leverages pre-coded algorithms to suggest the correct stocking of products in vans and the ideal drop-offs at outlets, driving deeper market penetration.
Bizom Van Sales Automation Software offers financial management tools to handle collections, payments, and end-of-day settlements. It ensures transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.

Bizom Van Sales Automation Software streamlines trade promotions management by automating the setup and tracking of promotional schemes. It ensures that promotions are executed seamlessly.

Bizom Van Sales Automation Software simplifies load-out approval and load sheet generation by ensuring that the right products are loaded onto vans. This minimizes errors and enhances overall sales operations.
Bizom Van Sales Automation Software offers real-time map-based van tracking by allowing businesses to track the distance covered and productivity at each outlet, using features like geo-fencing and real-time tracking.

Bizom Van Sales Automation Software enables real-time van inventory management by ensuring that stock levels are updated with each transaction. This provides accurate insights into available inventory.

Bizom Van Sales Automation Software supports mobile billing through Bluetooth printers. Invoices can be printed on the spot upon sale from the delivery van, enhancing customer service and accuracy.

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