Elevate the way you sell. Predict the future of your sales.

Grow market share and distribution efficiency with Sales & Operations Planning tool

Streamline sales performance & measure real-time growth with 10+ KPIs

Total Sales Value

Brand/Category Value

Unique Sales Percentage

Outlet Growth

Total Penetration

Product Lines Sold

Daily Visits

Market Coverage

Total Sale Volume

Unique Line Sold

Measure and manuvour ever aspect of sales.

Set, edit and track targets setting at various levels

Real-time performance visibility and trends

Forecast demand with multi-model approach

Leverage widgets, dashboards, reports, & filters for granular insights

Inbuilt, multi-level approval mechanism for seamless operations

Selective KPI mapping

Secure, role-based access

Upload targes in bulk

Take away the guesswork. Build a data-driven, sales and operations framework.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sales and Operational Planning boosts market share by ensuring products are available when and where customers want them. By accurately aligning sales projections with production capabilities, businesses optimize distribution efficiency and maximize sales opportunities.
Sales and Operational Planning enables streamlined sales performance measurement by offering real-time tracking of more than 10 KPIs, including total sales value, outlet growth, daily visits, market coverage, and more. This data-driven approach ensures that sales performance is accurately measured and monitored.
With Sales and Operational Planning, real-time performance visibility is at your fingertips. Utilize widgets, dashboards, and reports to access granular insights into sales performance. Trend analysis helps businesses identify patterns, anticipate market shifts, and make informed decisions.
Sales and Operational Planning enhances demand forecasting accuracy by employing a multi-model approach. By considering historical data, market trends, and various influencing factors, businesses can generate more accurate predictions of future demand.
Sales and Operational Planning streamlines operations through its inbuilt multi-level approval mechanism. This ensures that decisions are made collaboratively and promptly, promoting efficiency and alignment across different levels of the organization.
Sales and Operational Planning offers secure access with role-based permissions. This means that each user is granted access only to the data and functionalities relevant to their role, safeguarding sensitive information and promoting data integrity.

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