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Automated, Data-Driven Sales Orders for every Retail Outlet

Bizom Smart Basket is an algorithm that helps FMCG brands identify the next order at an outlet level.

This tool simultaneously analyzes various business factors and recommends the right SKUs and the right quantities, best-suited for each retail outlet.

Create Data-Driven Intelligent Sales Orders

Sell the right products and the right quantities, at all the right places.

Right Ordering

Predict the Next Right Order for every retail outlet

Smart Selling

Let our AI models identify the most likely to sell SKUs and help salesmen optimize their time in market

Optimized Stocking

Predict sales of new SKUs to help salesmen increase brand portfolio

Boost Revenue

Increase sales of overall SKU lines.

Integrated Analytics

Gain multi-brand retail intelligence on product categories

Omit Stockouts

Decrease “out of stock” situations at the outlet

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How Reduce the workload of your sales team

Bizom Smart basket is the tool that helps FMCG brand identity the buying pattern and upcoming demand at outlet level. It answer to significant questions for your business what to sell and how much to sell.

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