Create intelligent sales orders with Bizom Suggested Order

Sell the right products in the right quantities, in the right market

See how to predict the right products for each store

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Simplify in-store ordering in smarter ways with best-in-class Assortment Planning tool

Right Ordering

Predict the next right order for every outlet

Smart Selling

Let AI identify the best SKUs automatically and optimize the sales reps’ time

Optimized Stocking

Predict new SKU sales to help sales reps increase brand portfolio

Boost Revenue

Increase sales of overall product lines

Omit Stockouts

Decrease out-of-stock situations at every outlet

Amplify orders by blending AI model for demand forecasting

Lower tertiary

Improved demand estimation

Improved brand’s
drop size

Increased line placement

Step up your order-taking game with intelligent retail execution.

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retail intelligence

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Suggested Order simplifies in-store ordering by predicting the next right order for each outlet. It utilizes AI and machine learning to identify the best products (SKUs) automatically, optimizing sales representatives' time and ensuring that outlets have the right inventory at all times.
Suggested Order leverages advanced AI models for demand forecasting. These models consider historical data, market trends, and other factors to generate accurate predictions of future demand.
Tertiary denials, caused by inadequate stock levels, are reduced with Suggested Order. By ensuring that outlets have the right products in stock, minimizes denials and enhances customer satisfaction.
Suggested Order improves demand estimation by analyzing various data points to predict future sales accurately. This enables businesses to align their inventory with customer demand.
By recommending the best SKUs for each outlet, Suggested Order increases the likelihood of these products being ordered. This leads to increased line placement and a broader product range available to customers.

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