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Bizom Connect

Gain 100% visibility into secondary sales and distributor inventory

Get 100% visibility into secondary sales and distributor inventory with Bizom Connect. Without a simple integration of your systems, implementing comple downstream automation possesses the below challenges:

Bizom Connect is the first step on the digitisation journey. A robust tool to tap into distributors’ system effortlessly with minimal disruption, bringing critical analytics to the business by getting visibility into distributors’ sale and inventory data.

Gain access to distributors' sales and inventory data effortlessly

Drive complete downstream automation with a simple integration to your distributor’s systems

Connect Client

Ability to integrate with standard distributor systems e.g. Tally, ERPs etc.

Connect Backend

Ability to configure each distributor’s connect client & monitor sync across the downstream supply chain.

Bizom Analytics

Ability to access & analyse secondary sales and inventory data across the downstream supply chain.

Case Studies

How the largest kitchen appliance firm in India driving growth with supply chain visibility

The customer adopted Bizom’s connect solution to bring visibility across the downstream supply chain by pulling the secondary sales data on a daily basis, including the historical data for the financial year.

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