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Bring your sellers online with ONDC

Integrate all online sales channels with India’s Open Network of Digital Commerce

Selling everywhere is a desire and a disaster plan for every businesses today.

Too many channels to handle | Too much data to track | Yet, too little efficiency.

Maintaining and investing on multiple platforms becomes cumbersome for a small seller who primarily focuses on running a profitable business. It also leads to uneven reach and low product performance.

The Government of India is now solving this, with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) initiative.

Combining the benefits and reach of e-commerce with the ease of doing business, ONDC is revolutionizing Indian retail!

One platform for all online sales

Experience Unified Selling.


One-time listing for visibility across all platforms

Single window to manage complete business

Clear customer information

Increased market share

Leveraging existing partners to boost e-commerce business

Achieve economies of scale

To amplify the power of this initiative, Bizom and ONDC have joined hands to seamlessly onboard sellers of India’s leading CPG businesses.

Integrate with ONDC through Bizom



With multiple platforms through Bizom’s DMS.


Central Control

Manage activities across platforms, centrally - cataloguing, pricing, orders and returns management, etc.


Minimal Costs

Anchor the existing network for amplified results.


Customer Information

with multiple platforms through Bizom’s DMS.

CPG Brands selling on ONDC with Bizom

Build your future in Indian ecommerce with ONDC

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