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Digital India’s New Retail Revolution

How many eCommerce stores have you visited in your life? 90? 900?  India has over 19000 eCommerce stores.

How many eCommerce stores have you visited in your life? – 90? 900? 

India has over 19000 eCommerce stores.

Imagine if it takes an average consumer their lifetime to visit every online store, when will your products reach them?

And the number will only get bigger in this era of the borderless internet.

A decade back, the concept of selling online was sold like the American Dream.

Come online and get more sales, more visibility, and more growth.

But where are we today? 

Offline sellers are threatening manufacturers of boycotting their products unless they stop selling online at cheaper rates. 

Businesses are creating entirely new departments to maintain their online operations across different platforms.  

Yet all of this seems worth it if the consumer is happy.

But have you wondered, how happy is your business? 

In your quest to meet the consumer in the online world, have you entered a maze trying to reach every right customer?

Almost every retail company has one.

They are largely struggling to locate every right consumer among India’s 750 million internet users, who are shopping across nineteen thousand different platforms.

But the Indian government is breaking down this maze and creating India’s first network for unified eCommerce – ONDC. 

With this, you get: 

  • One network that connects your business to every online selling platform. So no matter where your consumer is shopping, your products will always be there.
  • One network that lets you manage all your online sales right from one place. So no matter how many different platforms you get orders from, you can fulfil them all right from one place.
  • One network to maintain your inventory, pricing, and products across all marketplaces. So no matter which products and promotions you want to sell on any specific platform, you can do it in clicks from one single place. 

But wait! The best is still left. 

To take this initiative to new heights, ONDC and Bizom have come together to create ONE PLATFORM FOR EVERYTHING RETAIL.

This partnership will enable Indian manufacturers to run their entire business operations from one unified place. No more struggles of online selling and offline selling.

Your business can now experience unified selling.

Write to us at marketing@mobisy.com to know more about how you can join the ONDC network with Bizom.

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