Give Offline Sellers The Online Power

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November 2, 2022 | 08 min read


Give Offline Sellers The Online Power

A new era of eCommerce is rising in India, channelized through The Open Network Of Digital Commerce (ONDC). Sellers will sell from one place and Indian buyers will get a unifified shopping experience. Powered by the Government of India, the ONDC network is a breakthrough technology digitizing Indian retail.

This ONDC starter guide details the steps for consumer product companies to start selling on the ONDC network through Bizom.

ONDC - The UPI for India’s eCommerce

The borderless internet is only widening. So for surviving in this eCommerce jungle, today’s products need to build a base everywhere their consumers are shopping.

With just nineteen thousand eCommerce stores in India as of 2022, history has already begun repeating itself. E-tailing is seeing the same future as retailing.

It’s no more enough to be present on top online stores. Manufacturers require to reach every online store and convince the country’s 750 million internet users to become their customers.

Products like a bottle of Coke and or even the labelless dhania have perfected this art. They are sitting in the market, the malls, and our mobiles, all at the same time.

Yet in reality, simultaneously managing large online and offline distribution networks, is a recipe for disaster. That’s why most businesses choose not to spread their wings in every direction but only towards a selected few, where they can maintain control.

But the Open Network for Digital Commerce – ONDC, is now changing Digital India’s business landscape by creating one network for all online channels.

And to take this initiative to greater heights, Bizom has partnered with ONDC to create one platform for ALL sales channels.

What is ONDC?

ONDC is a non-profit, government body that’s building an open-source network to democratise eCommerce, where products and services across different eCommerce platforms can be managed from a single window, making it simpler for local sellers to get discovered more.

ONDC’s vision is to move away from the platform-centric approach and give more power and opportunities to sellers. One of its biggest goals is to support micro, small and medium enterprises to get online and drive maximum reach.

Started in the mid-2021, by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of
Commerce and Industry, ONDC will go live in Bangalore with its strong ecosystem of 30+ partners to drive its success,
alongside CEO – T Koshy, and Shireesh Joshi – the Chief Business Officer of ONDC.

How does ONDC work?

Today every eCommerce platform is working in silos and running their own show. The buyer is searching for the same product on more than three different platforms simultaneously, while the seller is struggling to configure prices and products according to the norms of every platform, to be visible to the buyer.

But now ONDC is changing this practice and making eCommerce a connected experience.

With a framework that allows different platforms to exchange information with each other, a seller can simply use a single window to have his/her products listed on multiple platforms. As more sellers come online, they nudge more buyers to explore. Thus creating a new, untapped market.

For buyers, the shopping experience will get unified. Even while searching for a product on one app their options will not be limited to the sellers on that platform.

This means that, one search on an ONDC-connected eCommerce platform will show them products from that platform’s sellers as well as from sellers on different eCommerce platforms.

By becoming an ONDC seller, local businesses will be able to increase their reach in the online consumer market and let go of the cumbersome process of managing eCommerce through different platforms.

To make this possible, Bizom has joined hands with ONDC as their seller network partner, to help Indian kiranas and SME sellers start their selling journey on the ONDC network.

On the other hand, the ONDC Buyer app, will be a convergence between eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, and fullfillment partners, providing every Indian shopper a seamless, end-to-end shopping experience.

Unifying routes of retail

In a country like India where many pin codes aren’t accessible to sellers, reach can get curtailed. While eCommerce has penetrated Indian retail significantly, it will still take a long time to bring every shopper in India’s 1.4 billion population online. 

And even with that, the eCommerce industry is yet to ace execution perfection. 

Online selling demands high investments from sellers to be part of the club. Moreover, the current eCommerce system makes failures and successes more concentrated. If a platform fails to function even for an hour, it causes uncompensated losses to every seller on the platform. Also, the trust and credibility that sellers built are limited to a single platform, forcing them to replicate it on every online selling channel. 

Hence, to remain and thrive today, omnichannel is the only way forward. Because online shoppers who are exploring products on their phones are also visiting stores to access which channel makes their purchase most profitable. No longer are they accepting what’s given, but are rather exploring to find the best they can get. May it be a shampoo or a sunglass, modern shoppers are willing to spend the time to find value for their buys.

ONDC expects to play on this shopping mentality of the consumer and provide them with every product from every seller, right in one place.

On the other hand, through Bizom, every seller of ONDC can experience a unified selling experience without the painstaking process of maintaining operations across different platforms.

How to sell on the ONDC network?

The Bizom platform comes pre-loaded with the ONDC integration making omnichannel selling a plug-and-play option for Indian consumer-product brands. 

Once businesses are onboarded on the platform their entire range of products and SKUs will be uploaded on Bizom.

The system will map out all sellers present across India to match which pin codes they can sell to.

Using the ONDC API, your Bizom portal will give access to multiple online platforms to sell on. With this, you can easily manage cataloging, pricing and other activities across different eCommerce platforms, as well as capture all order details right from one place.

The anchoring effect amplifies the velocity of your operations and gives your sellers the opportunity to sell more seamlessly.

Boost retail success with 360° retail intelligence

The biggest struggle today is to get a unified view of the business. With fragmented systems running in different lines, businesses are dependent on multiple tools to capture and synthesize data and drive actionable insights.

But while selling on the ONDC network with Bizom, one platform for all channels means one platform for every data point!

With comprehensive dashboards to detail the online performance VS offline performance for every product, SKU, seller, and region, it becomes easier to control any part of the trade from anywhere.

Manage pricing across all online and offline channels, right from one place.

Different channels demand different pricing techniques. ONDC sellers can configure the product prices for all SKUs right from their Bizom dashboard. This saves time taken to execute and also makes inventory management more efficient.

Leverage integrated order management for faster operations and superior data management.

Juggling between piles of order receipts takes up time and makes the business slower. On Bizom, sellers can manage orders and track all order details from one place. This builds one single repository of every buyer data
and captures finer insights for the business.

Join India’s eCommerce revolution

Technology that had promised to unite us, is dividing every part of our lives today. We are shopping and selling in different places, yet nobody even has all their bills in the same place. 

If a consumer wastes half an hour every day buying separately through different online places. Imagine how much time and money businesses lose selling individually on different platforms. Add to that the enormous offline distribution network that requires full-time monitoring.

So change the way you sell. Digital India is One India. The transformational change that UPI brought forth by digitizing local shopkeepers, is now being pushed forward through the ONDC network.

Leading modern corporates like UNIBIC, The Good Stuff Private Limited, and JK Foods have already boarded the ONDC rocketship to reach a higher target audience and empower their channel sellers. 

At the close of 2022, every other online shopping app, might just become an ONDC-powered app.

So will you keep selling with fragmented retail or are you ready to unify sales and begin your brand’s journey with ONDC?

To start, talk to us at or click here to schedule a discussion with our team.

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