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Retail intelligence platform for cross-channel sales

Manage product distribution seamlessly across all online and offline channels from one integrated platform.

 Multibrand B2B Marketplace

Create flexibility for channel sellers to buy and sell multiple brands from a single platform.

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 Connected Supply Chain

Unify distributors and warehouses on one platform and monitor channel performance more comprehensively with end-to-end order fulfilment for all product SKUs.

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 Online-to-Offline Enablement

Integrate existing offline channels to fulfil online orders faster and build an offline distribution network for digital-first brands.

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 360° Sales Monitoring

Bird’s eye view on product sales across all channels (Offline, Online 3P or Online direct) with comprehensive sales insights for effective GTM planning.

Do smarter distribution

to scale customers and grow market share.

100% unified sales visibility on every primary, secondary and tertiary sale.

Smart Distributor Management System + Mobile DMS.

Intelligent retail solutions for all your distribution problems.

Rural multi-tier distribution for deeper product penetration.

1500+ business intelligence reports available at your fingertips.

Multilingual sales automation app with in-built store merchandising system.

Secondary sales visibility beyond urban markets with granular retail insights.

Omni-IN retail solution for complete sales management across all markets.

100% proven adoption for 550+ retail brands.

Innovative AI/ML retail tools for expanding the business

Offline supply chain + Online supply chain management.

Multi-retailer app for B2B sales acceleration.

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Trusted by over 550 CPG leaders, Bizom accelerates the sales and distribution engines in 30+ countries and all Emerging markets

Switch easily to an end-to-end digital supply chain


End-to-End Supply Chain Automation

Digitize the supply chain for teams, distributors & retailers. Choose from baskets of retail solutions to empower each channel partner.

Full-Suite Retail Analytics Tools

Measure the efficiency of each process, from warehouse to customer with detailed supply chain monitoring. Know the pulse of the business.

Strategic & Efficient Resource Allotment

Build the efficacy of your enquire distribution. Segment your Feet-On-Street, Stores and Routes strategically for better business decision-making.

Predictive Growth Expansion Tools

Find best order for each store & best route for each salesman, at a click. Discover new stores, markets & sales opportunities across all geographies.

Evangelisation Service

Dedicated team to drive steady usage. Solve any query or find every distribution solution with your own team of customer support & business analysts.

Robust Platform Development

Be part of the world’s fastest retail intelligence platform, and be among the first to leverage the newest retail technologies, built for the supply chain.

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