Bizom India Kirana Report (Mar 2021)

March-21 brought with it an explosion in the demand for summer products, which is in time for the vaccine rollout and IPL, making it seem like a big quarter is approaching. But hold on, the pandemic isn’t over yet. 

The virus has reared its ugly head again and it’s starting to affect India’s biggest state for FMCG kirana sales. 

However, if anything the FMCG industry has learnt over the last year, its resilience! It’s this resilience backed by technology that will help the industry tide over the crisis yet again. 

March-21 saw a massive sales growth over last year (+33%) driven by: 

  • An early & hotter summer that’s kept demand strong. 
  • A stronger supply chain that has enabled the distribution workforce to become more mobile and remote.
  • The ability of consumer brands to manage supply more seamlessly as we prepare for more lockdowns.

It’s definitely deja-vu, but with a much better ending!

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