Bizom India Kirana Report (May 2021)

The pandemic 2.0 just ravaged all parts of India and in May 2021 no part of India was spared.

During last month (April 2021), it seemed like some regions such as Northeast and West Bengal were spared, that however was only momentary as everyone bore the brunt this month.

Local lockdowns remained the flavour of the month, although kiranas were allowed to operate in a small window during morning hours across parts of India.

This ensured product availability as FMCG companies went about their business by ensuring steady production of their focussed SKUs rather than the entire range.

  • That consumers don’t hoard on products due to continuous availability
  • Home delivery services to consumers beyond the window of operations
  • Special no-contact delivery mechanisms to those families affected by the pandemic

It is this that makes Kiranas in India unique and special. This small-time window of operations to kiranas ensured many great things.

So yes, Kiranas sales are down but they’re a bigger part of our lives!

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