Multi-Touch Distribution Playbook for Emerging Markets

2020 has ushered in a new normal: the Contactless Customer. 

Your customers want to engage with you but without any of the touchy-feely interactions, which were a constant. They are demanding “contactless” retail execution from you. On that small change hinges your entire business. 

Small as it may be, being contactless means one and one thing only – the digital transformation of your supply chain. Bear in mind that your customer still wants all the perks of being your favoured retailer. Of course, she wants you to continue providing that fast-selling product at the right price at the right location. They want your distributors and salespeople to know their stock levels and have enough stocks to deliver with speeds matching that of any self-respecting delivery service. The benchmarks of old still hold. You have to do more now at much less. 

For more than 500 consumer brands, the Bizom Multi-Touch Retail Execution Platform is a vital part of their digital transformation. The Multi-Touch Platform helps you to become more intuitive about the needs of your retailers, raise and fulfil orders from anywhere, and connect directly with your customers. It can help you to triple engagements with your customers by leveraging a range of digital touches. A well-orchestrated multi-touch retail execution has done wonders to many of our customers. 

Bizom’s Multi-Touch Platform is here to help all our customers navigate the changes of the new normal, transform their businesses faster and achieve the desired RoI. 

We have created the Multi-Touch Distribution Playbook for Emerging Markets as a ready reckoner for sales, distribution and IT leaders and other executives. The playbook helps understand the relevance of technological solutions in creating the data and analytics required for any strategic decisions in these uncertain times.

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