Reaching the Omnichannel Consumer

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Where to find customers for my products?

Is no longer the question. Your consumers are everywhere and your products just need to reach those right “everywheres” – every right place, offline and online.

Products are no longer labelled as online VS offline products. You can buy everything from chillies and chilled beer to the chillers that keep them cold on mobile apps and from local stores.

It’s the purchasing experience and benefits that make consumers to choose their preferred shopping channel.

In Omnichannel retail, each channel does not operate as a separate entity, but rather creates a gateway to other channels ensuring that the customer doesn’t drop off and can travel across all online and offline platforms to complete the purchase.

Consumers gather information on one platform, switch to another for experiencing the product first-hand, and then evaluate which channel to swipe their card on to get the best value.

Thus, product supply chains need to unify and become boundless and omnipresent.

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