Seller App for ONDC - Unlocking eCommerce growth for Indian Retail

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As India’s biggest digital revolution continues to gain traction, businesses are undergoing a rapid transformation to enter the ONDC growth orbit and accelerate market reach, by leveraging the Seller App for ONDC.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has become a game-changer for Indian businesses where sellers can list their product through Seller Apps for ONDC, which provide sellers with cutting-edge tools and technology to sell online to everyone in India, at a fraction of the cost.

While ONDC is not a platform or there is no ONDC app as such that businesses can use for selling, companies have joined hands with ONDC and developed sellers apps that help sellers to list their products on ONDC.

  • But how does a Seller App on ONDC work?
  • Most importantly, how to decide which Seller App is most suitable for your business?

This industry research seeks to give a thorough analysis of the features of Seller App for ONDC and how to choose the best Seller App for your business. We also look into companies and industries that are leveraging ONDC from Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and every other Indian city.

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