7 Secrets to Boost Retail Sales Productivity

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The motivation juice is not rich every day. Some days we feel like doing it all, and at times doing nothing seems like the best thing. But in sales – the lifeblood of any business, the level of motivation is directly proportional to sales productivity. Hence, every day demands the best performance to drive the desired business achievements.

But keeping the morale high of gigantic teams, each and every day, is an impossible task for managers to achieve alone.

That’s where technology steps in to provide sales managers with the right tools to build the processes that can boost sales productivity.

But first, let’s figure out what actually motivates people.

Motivation = Expected Outcome(E)* Reward(R)* Value of Reward(V)

In any field of work, an individual feels motivated to do something when he/she feels:

  • there’s an expected outcome to do the task = E
  • a reward for doing it = R
  • high value in the reward = V

So, if any of these factors become 0 or negative, motivation drops.

To ensure this doesn’t happen in your business, here are seven secret tools that can boost your team’s productivity and increase your profitability.

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