Bizom India Kirana Report (June 2021)

Unlock 2.0 was the avour of the month across India in June 2021.

That coupled with the big push towards vaccination against COVID -19 will lead towards a normal life. (I got my rst vaccine shot.Yaay!) Hope you have taken yours too. 🙂

Like it was pre-pandemic. (Can you remember that? ‘Twas a looongg time ago) In June, almost all regions across India are showing growth.

Consumption across categories is also growing well especially for the Discretionary products that were hit very hard when the pandemic wave hit us.

The bounceback in June 2021 gives a very important indicator though.

That the impact on the FMCG business won’t be prolonged and we will get back into business immediately.

Such is the resilience of this industry, driven by the wide reach of the kiranas.

So unlike last year, where sales were severely impacted in Q2 too, this year you can expect business to get back to normal in Q2.

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