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The borderless internet is only widening. So for surviving in this eCommerce jungle, today’s products need to build a base everywhere their consumers are shopping.  

With just nineteen thousand eCommerce stores in India as of  2022, history has already begun repeating itself. E-tailing is seeing the same future as retailing.  

It’s no more enough to be present on top online stores. Manufacturers require to reach every online store and convince the country’s 750 million internet users to become their customers. 

Products like a bottle of Coke and or even the labelless dhania have perfected this art. They are sitting in the market, the malls,  and our mobiles, all at the same time.  

Yet in reality, simultaneously managing large online and offline distribution networks, is a recipe for disaster. That’s why most  businesses choose not to spread their wings in every direction  

but only towards a selected few, where they can maintain control. 

But the Open Network for Digital Commerce – ONDC, is now changing Digital India’s business landscape by creating one network for all online channels.  

And to take this initiative to greater heights, Bizom has partnered with ONDC to create one platform for ALL sales channels.

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