4 Supply Chain Questions to Ask in the New Normal

4 Supply Chain Questions to Ask in 2021

A demand-driven supply chain in the new normal is all about embracing the customer. CPG organizations that until a few years ago ignored integration of the supply chain with other aspects of the business are now actively investing in new tech to do so. These organizations are now paying attention to customer-facing metrics.

Such customer-embracing, demand-driven CPG companies are plugging the gaps in their operations with multi-touch retail execution tech. They are aligning and integrating the multiple touchpoints of their supply chain with other aspects of the business. They are collaborating with channel partners to improve visibility and make processes more agile and flexible to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

In a digitally transformed supply chain of the new normal, brands have insights into customer behavior and are re-aligning their operations to meet the new or changed demand and to offer best-in-class service to retailers. It is about enabling multi-touch retail execution by activating B2B eCommerce Marketplaces. The marketplace empowers customers and retailers to place their orders anytime and anywhere and assists the brand to make a just-in-time distribution.

In a completely digitized and integrated supply chain, retailers and distributors have access to market insights and work together to respond to changing demand or create new channels for new products and services in real-time. Brands that have successfully transformed their supply chain address four key challenges. 

Four Key Supply Chain Questions

  1. Does your supply chain function as a digital organization with all stakeholders aligned to a single set of business goals?
  2. Do you have real-time visibility into your supply chain, and do all stakeholders have access to such insights?
  3. How quickly can you identify and fix supply challenges?
  4. What percentage of your inventory management is driven by actual demand or demand forecasting? 

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