Bizom Multi-touch Platform Can Scale Customer Engagements Exponentially

Bizom Multi-touch Platform Can Grow Your Sales Exponentially

Yes, you heard it right. In current times, the love and care that you can provide to your customers are directly proportional to lost sales. The time has come to move to a multi-touch approach to serve your customers and take market share away from the competition.

CPG sales and distribution in unorganised channels rely deeply on interactions between your sales, channel partners teams and mom & pop retailers. If your business like so many other consumer businesses has been unable to enable retailers interactions, then it has experienced a massive disruption.

Enter BIZOM MULTI-TOUCH platform that can help you to triple engagements with your customers by leveraging a range of digital TOUCHES. A well-orchestrated multi-touch retail execution has done wonders to many of our customers.

We have built a three-tier model to help brands to keep their engagement and sales up even in these times.

Tier-1: Instead of visiting a store, get your sales guys to do retail execution completely offline by leveraging Bizom’s retail execution solutions that integrate phone calls and WhatsApp. Our solutions are helping our customers to drive efficiency through the roof. Their sales teams are now able to double the number of calls to customers than face-to-face interactions.

Tier-2: Maximise ROI from the small sales window that your teams get with customers by focussing on what matters. Don’t just take orders; instead drive strategic decisions such as ranging, product launches, pricing and much more.

Tier 3: Get your customers to be self-reliant through Bizom’s Retailer App so that they can order what they want, when they want and remain loyal to you.

Please look ahead to many more touches from us over the coming weeks to learn how you can get your brands to fly off the shelves with BIZOM MULTI-TOUCH platform.

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