Building An Intelligent Claims Management System

by Rituparna Nath

November 11, 2021 | 01 min read


To make money in business, you gotta put in money every step of the way. Whether it’s production, manpower or sales and marketing, all require investments to render revenue. And if each cost component is not monitored, the profitability of the business remains unclear.

But unlike the digital world where we receive an emailed invoice for every service taken, offline retail requires several cost inputs from various sources and locations, which must be tracked to a single source to get the comprehensive details of expenses. Not to mention, that most costs in sales & marketing are not fixed. 

For example, FMCG companies that hire field salesmen are required to monitor the different costs that every sales rep incurs while being on the field. May it be their travelling expenses, client meetings or internet charges. 

But imagine having to track each of these expenses separately for every salesperson.

Is it impossible? No.

But, is it reasonable? Most definitely not! Here’s why.

Companies hire tens and hundreds of salespeople to meet their revenue targets. Each goes in the field every day to cream the market and bring in the business. But, even if they don’t make a sale every day, their expenses occur daily and must be tracked.

So, if ten people had to submit their daily bills for one month, they would require hundreds of paper sheets and extremely long hours to find every bill for the month and file them correctly for submission.

Post that, their managers will check and sanction every reimbursement, which would later have to be filed in an Excel sheet to give the management a holistic idea about the cost incurred from field sales.

And yet, after all that hassle, the data won’t be fresh!

Now, what if this needs to be done not for ten, but hundreds of salespeople? A lot of time and effort will get wasted.

So at Bizom, we turned this process simpler and more intelligent!

Simplifying the daily work lives of thousands of salespeople & distributors across the world, Bizom’s Expense Claims solution is a 360° claims management system that provides end-to-automation of the hectic process of filing and sanctioning bills, that FMCG sales reps and distributors are required to go through repeatedly.

The solution enables them to upload their bills in bulk on the platform, which can easily be approved remotely at any hour, or can even be passed on for a second approval or final processing. 

Salespeople can punch in their expenses from any location using their smartphones. Their managers can easily check and sanction all bill reimbursements from one single platform, and every filed transaction can be automatically presented comprehensively to give clear visibility on costs incurred on a real-time basis. 

On the other hand, distributors can simply upload all their claims bills at the end of the month, rather than sending them to the company by courier. This reduces the processing time by days, invoking trust within the distributors to keep investing in the business.

Like, Jyothy Labs, who work with a multitude of distributors in rural India, was successfully able to reduce their claims processing time from over a month to a week using Bizom Expense Claims, resulting in improved satisfaction from their channel partners.

Moreover, FMCG companies can also easily download all approved claims from the platform to get the data at their fingertips instantaneously and have a real-time understanding of how much capital has been spent. 

Interested to know more? You can now schedule a free demo and explore the benefits of Bizom Expense Claims and its deriving outcomes. Simply mail us at to connect with our team and start the discussion.

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