COVID-19 Resource: Find Open & Stocked Pharmacies

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find medication or pharmacies that are open. To counter that, we’ve created the Find My Chemist app to enable anybody to find pharmacies nearest to them that are open and stocked. You can search for these pharmacies from 500m to 10km from your location.

The app’s intent is to provide correct information on pharmacies. In addition, it will give people fewer reasons to step outside their homes to search for pharmacies that may not be open or stocked.

You can access the app on mobile or desktop browsers. Also, considering the reach of our customers, we are making the app freely available. You can activate it on your official or internal websites and social channels. If you need any technical assistance to do so, please write to us at

As always, our COVID-19 hotline number is +91 80-47093008, and email is available 24×7 if you or your family needs any assistance.

Take care and stay safe.

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