Demand & Transacting Outlets Hits 8-month High of 95%

Demand & Transacting Outlets Hit 8-month High of 95%

Revival is the name of the game, and we couldn’t be more excited for our FMCG customers. Demand led by rural has increased, and an uptick in in-house consumption is bringing cheer to brands. Many of these brands are fine-tuning their channels to ensure availability. They are skewing their strategies heavily towards digital transformation and building Direct to Consumers marketplaces. All things that make us happy!

So we looked at our data to see the growth in demand and the number of transacting outlets in the Eastern, Northern, Western and Southern regions of India. Here’s how it looks. 

NOTE: The data for both the Demand Percentage and % of Transacting Outlets in the graphs below uses January 2020 as the base.

With the increase in demand and the number of transacting outlets across the country, CPG brands are expecting normalcy to be restored soon. The demand percentage for the month ending September 2020 for India (in comparison to January 2020) and the percentage of weekly transacting outlets is 95% respectively.

The Eastern regions saw demand reviving to 109% in the month ending in September 2020 (in comparison to January 2020). The percentage of weekly transacting outlets has also correspondingly increased to 98%.

The Northern regions are leading the pack in terms of demand at 120% in the month ending in September 2020. But they trail behind Eastern regions in the percentage of weekly transacting outlets at 93%.

Western regions which saw the highest number of COVID-19 cases are recovering slower than the Northern and Eastern regions. The demand percentage for these regions stands at 97% and the percentage of weekly transacting outlets at 85%.  

Demand and the number of transacting outlets are yet to recover in the South. We conjecture that the Southern regions which are IT hubs saw an exodus of IT/ITES professionals and support staff to their native lands in the month of July. Its impact is seen in the demand and transacting outlet’s data.


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