Driving Growth Through RTM Digitisation

We have been talking a lot about Route to Market digitisation lately. It is a burning issue for CPG brands. We are observing it in the strategic decisions of our customers who have ramped up digital transformation of their RTM processes.

While there is no one approach to win in markets in the new normal, digital transformation will give you the winning shot. Consider the following three levers of growth before and during your RTM digitisation journey. 

If you’re curious about how technology can tie data, customers and marketplace on a single platform for your brand, click here.

How to Engage a Technology Partner to Kickstart Your RTM Digitisation Journey?

Finding the right technology partner is not very different from trying to find a life partner. You have to find someone whom you can respect and trust. Someone who has your back in tough times and prioritises your happiness at all times. Read on.

Integrating data and sales opportunities to increase store productivity

The perfect foil for chaotic markets? Deeper insights! Narinder Chugh, National Key Account Manager from The Hershey Company India talks how #data #insights created more meaningful engagements with retailers. Watch the video.

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