Enhancing Assortment Planning and Distribution Optimization

by Mehak Jaggi

July 13, 2023 | 01 min read


Enhancing Assortment Planning and Distribution Optimization

In this rapidly evolving landscape, the integration of data-centric approaches and timely insights has become crucial for gaining a competitive advantage and driving innovative decision-making.

Effective retail execution and store profitability face numerous challenges. Lack of store-level insights, such as Share of the shelf and on-shelf product availability, often leads to out-of-stock or overstocking issues. Manual store audits are time-consuming and provide only fragmented information on in-store products, promotions, and pricing, leaving merchandisers with limited resources for managing relationships and fixing execution issues.

To address these challenges, Bizom has emerged as a game-changer. By leveraging Smart Merchandising, retail leaders can obtain valuable shelf intelligence and in-store execution insights from every store.

This technology enables sales leaders to optimize retail execution, ensure store compliance, and improve in-store sales and marketing ROI on a large scale.

With the Indian FMCG market projected to reach $220 billion by 2025, FMCG leaders are embracing AI/ML technology to simplify decision-making and meet rising consumer demands. Smart Merchandising, in particular, offers accurate shelf analytics and real-time insights for adjusting sales strategies across various product categories and SKUs.

This technology utilizes AI/ML to identify objects, places, people, writing, and actions in images. By capturing images of retail shelves using their mobile phones, merchandisers can automate and simplify store audits. The AI-powered Smart Merchandising processes these images, providing leaders with critical insights and competitive intelligence. Armed with this information, retail leaders can create data-backed strategies to improve in-store brand visibility, enhance per-store sales, and achieve sustainable distribution and store fulfilment.

Bizom Smart Merchandising can help you revolutionise the FMCG retail industry. With real-time insights and automated store audits, retail leaders can make informed decisions, drive profitability, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

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