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How brands have to redefine their pull strategy for the new normal

How brands have to redefine their pull strategy for the new normal

‘Disruption’ is the most commonly used word after ‘unprecedented’ in the current times. Even consumer brands with pull allure didn’t fare well in these disrupted times. The only thing that mattered was being available on the shelves of stores. Is it time to relook at distribution strategies and redefine the scope of push vs. pull distribution?

Right off the bat, we can tell you what won’t work: desperate attempts of your star salespeople to penetrate retail outlets in every neighbourhood. The only way to deal with the disruption is to leverage actionable insights on- What to sell, Where to sell, and How much to sell it for. With such insights you can execute your Route to Market strategy quickly and collaboratively with your customers in real-time.

Your brand needs to leverage three levers to ensure perfect access to markets:

  • Deep consumer insights: As demand becomes erratic, it is vital for brands to know consumption patterns. Who are the most active retailers in your outlet universe? What’s selling in the stores? What products do consumers prefer?
  • Engaged customers: On average, a store serves 250 customers. It has become ever more important to do demand planning and forecast accurately. Forecasting errors account for 30-50% of the reasons behind slow growth and worse no growth. Brands have to enable direct communication with retailers about products, offers & discounts, loyalty points etc. Brands must equip the retailers to self-order any time and from anywhere. There’s no better time than now to implement Bizom’s Retailer App. The app is a 24/7, mobile commerce solution that enables retailers to send their orders directly to the brand and enable direct communication between brands and retailers.
  • Multi-Touch Distribution: India’s massive network of 100,000 distributors has undoubtedly been hit the worst. The unorganised sector is reeling from a lack of visibility and their knee jerk reactions have hurt brands.

Digital supply chains that connect brands to distributors to retailers has become a need for the new normal. This enables brands to leverage a range of digital TOUCHES to create a well-orchestrated retail execution that ensures:

  • Optimal sales effectiveness
  • Increased retailer loyalty
  • Improved Return on trade Marketing spend

How Bizom Can Help

Bizom’s Multi-touch platform  combined with actionable  insights is at the core of how we are digitising and transforming sales and distribution functions for over 350 brands. The platform can:

Digitise your business – Automate processes across the supply chain from consumer good companies to POS.

Offer performance visibility – Capture data at every step to enable end-to-end visibility.

Drive growth – Use insights to drive growth through supply chain optimization, retailer engagement, trade spend optimization and perfect retail execution.

Bizom’s Multi-Touch platform can measure and deliver growth through data to every stakeholder within a brand’s ecosystem.

For BrandsFor DistributorsFor Retailers
We help our customers achieve double digit growth, on average, impacting core of their business.

Sales force efficiency
Brand growth
Retail penetration
Increase Retailer Loyalty
Our DMS solutions are helping our clients to improving margin by as much as 700 bps. 

Reduce Inventory costs 
Optimise promotional spend
Optimise fill rate
Higher stock turnover
We are revolutionising relationship between Brands & Retailers driving benefits across entire ecosystem

Sales growth
Consumer satisfaction
Reduced capital investment
Increased range

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