How did kirana stores perform in July 2020?

How Did Kirana Stores Perform in July 2020?

We always love it when an underdog saves the day. It’s a story that we like to listen to and tell. It’s the same with the kirana stores. They stayed open and served their customers even when the most steady market players floundered. Their resilience and numbers are now a winning proposition for brands which are digitising their supply chains. The more kirana stores on their digital platforms, the greater their market share. 

So what is the kirana story now? Have they kept up their successful run even after the markets re-opened in June 2020? The second edition of our report, India Kirana Report (created by Akshay D’Souza and Rohit Agarwal) provides an overview of the key trends and insights on the kirana landscape:

1. The number of active kiranas is now at March 2020 levels (remember that we lost out on the last 10 days of March) but still much lower than Jan 2020 (11% lower) and Feb 2020 (15% lower).

Monthly active kiranas

2. Kirana stores are still ordering much bigger ticket sizes as compared to Jan 2020. Almost 50% larger.

3. While ensuring stock of essential commodities, kirana stores are now focussing on non-commodity categories which contribute to less than half of total sales. 

Beverages: The high sales in May and June 2020 made up for the dismal performance in the summer months during the lockdown. However, the arrival of the monsoon dampened consumer interest.

Personal Care: Sales have covered ground and are at 80% of pre-lockdown levels.

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