How to Avoid Channel Conflicts with a Powerful Omnichannel D2R2C Strategy

Omnichannel is a reality today in emerging markets. COVID induced lockdowns are accelerating ecommerce growth. While traditional trade still drives the majority of volumes, e-commerce has undeniably gained significant wallets of consumers. This is where brands are thinking of different ways of building direct to consumer (D2C) channels/supply chains. While e-commerce is an obvious answer, it comes with it’s own perils of causing channel conflicts

How can a brand manage these channel conflicts while continuing to leverage the general trade network built over decades and still be able to leverage on consumer preference to shop online? We call it D2R2C(Direct to retail to consumer).

Considering our CPG customer’s preferences, Bizom got in the space to solve consumer problems. Consumer processes include discovery, ordering and engagement.

Increasing Brand Visibility and Brand Reach

For discovery, Bizom helps consumers discover retail channels online. One of the implementations of this discovery tool allows Indians to find nearest chemists online. Another implementation let’s consumers in Mumbai order alcobev from the nearest wine shop for home delivery. Amazing, right?

Making Remote Ordering simple

With discovery in the bag we started working on ordering. This is a tricky one, if you build a consumer app, getting enough consumers to download the application is a challenge in itself, so we worked with the app consumers are already using. It’s called “whatsapp”. We partnered with one of the world’s best conversational AI product for that. Yellow messenger bots allow consumers to order directly from whatsapp. Bizom routes these orders instantly to the nearest retailers who can fulfil the orders! Sounds easy, right?

Improved Order Fulfillment

Now comes the fulfilment part, and that’s where Bizom really shines. As the integrated retail intelligence platform, Bizom has already built comprehensive tech infrastructure for  retailers, distributors and sales executives. The orders start reflecting in Bizom’s retailer app on a real- time basis. Our brands obviously benefit by the efforts they have taken in the past to build these digital pipelines over years and we are just glad to be able to help our brands usher in the era of omnichannel while avoiding channel conflicts!!

As one of our customers described our platform when the 2nd wave of lockdowns started “is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s the distiman(Bizom’s retailer app) to the rescue, again”. We are truly honoured to stand beside the customers and help them cater to the global demand seamlessly.

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