How to Increase Outlet Width and Depth on a Budget?

That’s a no-brainer. With retail intelligence. Specifically, Bizom’s Eagle Eye retail intelligence. 

The reality of our times is that business targets have become tougher. We are asked to do more with less. Besides, there are only so many times that you can ask for a discount from your vendors (including us) while your supply chain is struggling with credit and capital issues. We get it. 

That is why we have for you three business cases of brands that relied on Bizom’s Retail Intelligence to increase outlet width and depth without breaking the bank: 

  • Business Case #1: One of the world’s leading confectionery brands increases width & depth in Class A outlets
  • Business Case #2: A top Indian homecare & personal care brand increases sales despite COVID-19 lockdown
  • Business Case #3: A biscuits & cookies brand increases outlet reach by 30% with a single-digit salesforce


This multinational confectionery brand is already a market leader in India and is present in almost all outlets. But the brand still needed intelligence on its outlet universe, specifically Class A outlets to place and sell their premium products within a specific price range. Their criteria to select the outlets:

  1. Business generation of the outlet: orders and sales volumes
  2. Offtake for confectionery SKUs at a specific price range

They wanted data that is accurate, granular, and economical. Out went Nielsen, Kantar, and other data providers whose research is average and expensive. Instead, Bizom’s Eagle Eye gave the brand proprietary control over data that has the following features.

SOLUTION: Eagle Eye started from scratch by looking at Bizom’s 6 Million outlet data, mapped outlets within a 200-meter to a 2-kilometer range of an area, assessed their orders and offtake for confectionery SKUs, classified them as Class A or B outlets and provided the intelligence to the brand. The process also helped remove the duplicates within the brand’s outlet list as well.

IMPACT: The brand planned its beats to focus on outlets that had the highest potential for offtake of its premium products. Their salespeople were able to influence retailers to order based on existing rotations of SKUs in the confectionery category. The brand was also able to make revenue projections more accurately as it was based on the sales volumes of their outlet universe.


This top Indian homecare & personal care brand had already rolled out Bizom’s Retailer App to digitize its retailers when the lockdown was announced. They were ready for contactless retail execution by empowering their retailers to self-order. Tech adoption was still a challenge, and they wanted to safeguard their salespeople when servicing outlets in containment zones. 

They also wanted to know which outlets were open during the lockdown and what was their share of the wallet in the homecare and personal care category at these stores. Even when sales fell, the brand pushed for growth.

SOLUTION: Eagle Eye identified outlets that were open and transacting in containment zones and areas with high rates of COVID-19 infection. Additionally, it assessed transactions at such outlets to provide multi-brand insights on the offtake of the homecare & personal care category.

IMPACT: The brand’s KPIs to its salespeople were to focus on outlets in the COVID-19 red zones and support retailers to order only through the Retailer App. With the multi-brand insights, it was able to grab a larger wallet share in its category at the outlets that were transacting during the lockdown days. Additionally, it enabled the brand to connect with the retailers and pass on the benefits directly to them.


This cookies & biscuits brand wanted to increase its width and presence in the market and acquire more retail outlets.

SOLUTION: The brand’s retail universe went through multiple layers of analysis with verification of different metrics such as latitude, longitude, phone number, outlet type, and classes and throughput to prepare a unique, duplicate-free universe. With greater visibility of the customer’s market reach and outlet universe, Eagle Eye was able to identify and suggest new outlets to be acquired.

IMPACT: The brand was able to increase outlet reach by 30% in 2 areas of Bangalore with only 3-4 salespeople in just 20 days. Also, it was able to revive sales in outlets that weren’t transacting enough or had stopped transacting. Both had a tremendous impact on the sales volumes of the brand. Also, by removing duplicates from its retail outlets’ list and with retail intelligence, the brand was able to identify KROs and provide customized services.

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