How to Scale Adoption of Your Digitised Supply Chain in 2021?

by Mischelle Rebello

December 7, 2020 | 02 min read


How to Scale Adoption of Your Digitised Supply Chain in 2021

As 2021 approaches, we are only too ready to leave behind all the debris of 2020. Like any challenges, those brought on by the pandemic have changed how we work almost entirely. The most significant change has been in the digital transformation of the world’s supply chains. Its impact has been felt more keenly in the unorganised sectors of emerging markets.

The success of any new technology lies in its adoption. We have advised and helped many of our CPG customers to scale the adoption and usage of their new technology. Here are some best practices to consider and implement.

It is critical to learn from the execution in the first region/city and stabilise the processes internally and with distributors. With established change management processes, you can now embark on taking the channel wider – more regions, more categories and more channel partners.

Some of the actions that you would need to take include:

Scale by channel partners: Ensure that you get your existing channel partners across regions onboard. It will then help you to migrate the retailers served by them and scale at pace. 

Partner with synergistic brands: As you scale, you must be open to partnering with synergistic brands for distribution. It will increase your ability to leverage a wider set of retailers that are onboarded on Bizom’s retailer app.

Logistics partnerships: Bridge the distribution gaps with tech logistic providers. It could include pure-play logistic providers or last-mile delivery partners like Uber or multi-brand distributors.

Track, measure, and improve: As you scale, you need to start measuring the performance across this channel as you do with any other sales channel. Build an integrated performance management framework that monitors traditional sales and distribution KPIs with online engagement KPIs. Leverage this to drive improvements across:

  • Trade promotion ROI: Measure incremental sales, profitability by promotion etc.
  • Improved retailer engagement: Monitor KPIs such as CTRs, time spent on the app, % abandoned baskets etc. 
  • Optimise replenishment: Introduce ARS (Auto Replenishment System) for the retailer and distributor through 100% real-time visibility. 

Transform retail execution – Even though Bizom’s retailer app is established as a channel for capturing orders, you must ensure that you integrate it with your retail execution processes to give your customers the optimum service. Move to a multi-touch retail execution model that uses a combination of:

  • Retail execution over calls
  • Strategic initiatives via sales visits
  • Self-ordering via Bizom’s retailer app
KPIs to focus on Outcomes Duration
Track, measure and improve. Refer to point #4 – Improved RTM profitability with optimised spend across online/offline channels
– Improved customer service with zero order errors
– Drive sales growth through better reach

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