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Perfecting The Retail Intelligence Platform of the future, one update at a time

Perfecting the Retail Intelligence Platform of the future, one update at a time

In the early days of our product huddles, we asked ourselves: “What do we want to be when we grow up?” 

It was simple and clear in our head. Still, it took a million cups of coffee, and hours of illegible doodles on the whiteboard before a zen-like sense of clarity dawned on us:

*Drum rolls* 

To deliver a platform for the consumer brand ecosystem that is a single source of truth for distribution in emerging markets. 

We built BizomThe Retail Intelligence Platform

Staying true to our “childhood promise”, we are continually working on increasing the platform’s capability to drive growth and increase Route To Market efficiency for our customers. 

If you are a Bizom user, below are some of our latest platform updates that will help you to continue unlocking growth. If you’re not a Bizom customer, here are enough reasons to become one.

10 March 2020

A faster, better Bizom

We’re always finding ways to make Bizom faster and more efficient for our customers. To this effect, we have made multiple UI/UX updates and identified newer avenues to collect user feedback and closely monitor user experience. We have more than halved the errors to currently be at less than 200 errors for every 100 million requests. What’s better? Our crash-free user percentage is now above 95%. Onwards and upwards.

Bizom Auto Replenishment – Your secret sauce to ensure fill-rates above 90%

We understand how challenging it is for FMCG brands to maintain fill-rate levels above 90% and particularly to rely on old fill-rate strategies. We have spent the last couple of months building the most optimal solution to take on the fill-rate challenge – Bizom OneView – Auto Replenishment.  

The update allows you a holistic view of orders and inventory, and the option to auto-replenish inventory. Low fill-rates will soon become a problem of the past for our customers.

Newer, smarter Gamification – Your team’s productivity multiplier

We love how brands drive business KPIs through a gamified approach. To deepen the impact for our customers, we have introduced several improvements in the user interface and game experience. Badges, images, caricatures can be easily integrated into the product to give it a better look and feel. More KPIs are seamlessly incorporated into the games. Of course, it is all available on the Bizom app!

PS: Watch this space for something exciting we are launching during the IPL season.

Eagle Eye – Drive market share with actionable growth decisions

When we set out to build an insights engine, we were clear that it needs to provide all the ammo for brands to make decisions on strategic expansion, distribution, margin, pricing and budgeting. That’s the role of Bizom Eagle Eye.

By analysing petabytes of hyperlocal data, socio-economic data, data across the entire gamut of the Indian retail universe, Eagle Eye provides geographical and visual insights to brands at a very granular level of 2X2 km. It is your magic potion to drive growth.

Tour Planning – Market visits made simpler

By leveraging Bizom Tour Programs, our customers can now integrate: Permanent journey planning and task management

The Tour Programs not only allows sales executives to plan his/her journey, set and assign new beats and define budgets for a tour, but also ensures 100% visibility for stakeholders to monitor user-wise journeys in one consolidated view.

Multi-brand Retailer App

We truly understand the pain brands go through in trying to increase reach and reduce scheme leakages. In addition to solving such challenges, Bizom Multi-brand retailer is also the go-to solution for brands to drive: Retailer loyalty management, and targeted marketing campaigns and schemes

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