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Bizom India Kirana Report (Jul 2020)

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Our goal is to provide consumer businesses with Actionable insights that they can then incorporate into their Retail Execution. So while our solution offering provide customers with micro insights on their business, we wanted to give them another source of macro level insights that could be used for them to plan better, to plan ahead and to do what’s best for the future of their business.

In this report, we provide a view of the width and depth of kirana stores in India based on our data. Also, the report offers information on the geo dispersion of the kiranas, and the categories of products bought by them.

We received overwhelmingly encouraging feedback on the March-2020 edition. In keeping with the theme of being better and more insightful, in this edition, we have added more insights in this edition.

Here, we’ve moved beyond state boundaries and are now presenting a city wise track of how businesses are rebounding back and learning to live in this pandemic.

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