Retail Hack For Mastering The FMCG Promotion Mix

At the nexus of every successful product promotion lies many promotional strategies, devised to shower heaps of revenue and masses of consumers for retail brands.

At the nexus of every successful product promotion lies many promotional strategies, devised to shower heaps of revenue and masses of consumers for retail brands.

Each product, each market of customers, and each set of retailers and distributors needs to be appreciated and motivated to drive the success of products.

But a plan without the right actions only remains a sermon. And this kind of “speech” is often common for FMCG brands, due to their enormous reach and the vast range of product distribution channels. Which makes it extremely difficult to convey the promotional schemes to the right audience at the right time to make sales plummet.

Retail brands have been struggling to find the hack to overcome this hurdle.

Well, until now.

Digital selling to retailers has now become an easy possibility for FMCG brands with Bizom’s WhatsApp Ordering Bot, which creates a direct communication channel between the brand and their retailers.

But how can it help sell more when retailers will self-order precisely how much they need to order? Right?

So, here’s the hack. Bizom’s unique WhatsApp Ordering Bot for FMCG not just enables retailers to place regular orders to brands all by themselves, but also lets the brand directly share the promotional schemes on different products and categories with every retailer via WhatsApp.

This bridges a huge gap in the promotion mix, as a lot of times sales reps fail to explain the benefits of every promotional scheme to every retailer, leading to many ineffective promotions. Distributors are also seen to frequently miss out on passing on the trade promotional schemes to retailers.

As a result, the brand’s well-built growth strategies take a toll every season, year after year.

But the Bizom Trade Promotion Management tool provides end-to-end digitization and a hassle-free flow of communication.

This means that retail brands can simultaneously pass on different promotional schemes to different distributors and retailers across different geographies. And these schemes will be visible in real-time in the Distibutors’ DMS, sales reps’ selling application, and also to the retailers via the WhatsApp Ordering Bot.

Distributors can assign which trade promotional schemes to be passed on to which retailers, which would also be synced to the respective applications immediately.

Bizom’s intelligent retail platform also provides all stakeholders including FMCG brands, distributors, and retailers complete and real-time clarity.

Importantly, FMCG brands can view the performance of all schemes in all markets from one unified dashboard, making it easier for them to understand the efficiency of these schemes and build strategies accordingly.

With the new year and the new covid variant approaching us, it’s time for brands to step into the future of retail, build their base stronger, and ensure the frictionless flow of products and revenue in the supply chain, irrespective of any lockdowns or other critical environmental situations.

So come, connect with us to protect your supply chain distribution from any disruptions, by leveraging digital selling. Mail us at to schedule a free product demo with our team.

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