The Best Bet To Tackle The 2022 GST Rules & Empower AfCFTA

The new year is here, but India’s fashion streets are yet to be decked up with the best trends. The reason? Not Covid, but GST.

The new year is here, but India’s fashion streets are yet to be decked up with the best trends. The reason? Not Covid, but GST.

While customers are living it up with celebrations even amidst timely curfews, the apparel industry is yet to wholly prepare itself to encash this new year’s demand, due to the new GST rules that impose a 12% GST on footwear and apparel. As a result, store shelves remain partially filled as sellers refrain from stocking old products and wait for new stocks to enter the market.

And this is just the beginning. After this comes the billing. 

Although businesses are slowly and steadily trying their best to fall into the GST regime, these ever-changing GST rules keep making it a more strenuous journey. Especially right now, when our supply chains are again vulnerable to the new coronavirus variant, invoking the third wave. 

But, if anything has been certain in the last two years, it’s the fact that we all live surrounded by a lot of unpredictabilities. And a fragile supply chain that fails to be resilient in the darkest hours will end up harming a lot of retailers, distributors and end-users in the downstream trade.

This is true across geographies.

For example, in Africa, where different countries are coming united to create “One African Market” under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) pact, the high level of ongoing civil unrest has been creating huge barriers for CPG brands to maintain supply chain harmony and grow profits.

Yet, negating such supply chain problems is not possible. 

Brands need to revolutionize how they do retail with innovative retail solutions that can address specific problems with the right retail tech tools.

Only focused solutions like Bizom which are explicitly built for retail, can tackle various supply chain problems in-depth parallelly, by leveraging retail intelligence.

Bizom’s e-invoicing solution is one such tool that can easily take the load off the GST filing process by enabling distributors to file their e-invoices on government portals in a few clicks. Simplifying the GST process helps company distributors reduce their piles of paperwork and stay focused on growing the business.

On the other hand, Bizom’s smart Salesforce app helps salespeople remotely connect with the market.

During times of unrest within the market, salesmen can connect with the distributor or retailer directly via the app and take their purchase orders. This helps in ensuring that business continues to flow frictionlessly and all members of the supply chain remain happy. 

In conclusion, retail businesses cannot escape the tyranny of their local environments. And now more than ever, they must build their supply chains to be unbreakable, in order to build a sustainable future for themselves in 2022.

If you want to know more about how to achieve such supply chain superiority, connect with us at and schedule a demo to sit with our team and discover the possibilities of growth with Bizom. 

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