Tracking Impact on Demand in India due to Covid-19 Lockdown

Tracking COVID-19’s Impact on Demand in India During the Lockdown

Coronavirus outbreak has forced governments across the world for a lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. In India, at first, the Prime Minister tried to gauge the mood of its people with the Junta Curfew for a day. A 21-day lockdown followed it. Though there was an expectation of a lockdown, the speed at which it happened surprised most of us. What amazes us the most is how over five million retailers reacted to this sudden change of events. In India, 90% of shopping of FMCG goods still happens through traditional channels which are unorganised and lack systematic processes for forecasting and anticipating surges in demand. 

The “Tracking Impact on Demand in India due to Covid-19 Lockdown” whitepaper helps answer whether Indian retailers panicked and bought stocks or not. If not, then why not. If yes, what were the curves? How did grocers cope after the first week of lockdown? What products are they demanding? How is their buying pattern changing rapidly? And many more. 

The whitepaper helps you to understand the factors that influence retailers buying decisions and how they stock up their outlets. In effect, it prepares you to plan for future uncertainties. For this white paper, we have analysed data from 30% of the retail universe across 400 districts and 2000 towns of India. It covers a population of 800 million+ Indian consumers providing clear trends. 

We have covered categories like Beverages, Commodities, Dairy, Confectionery and Packaged Foods in Edible, and Home Care and Personal Care in Non-Edible. 

This paper is for people who are curious to know about behavioural changes associated with demand, who want to prepare for future uncertainties and for businesses who are keen to understand Indian markets and what keeps Indian markets robust even in a crisis.

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