India Kirana Report-Sep 2020 & Top CPG Market Research Stories Everyone is Loving

by Mischelle Rebello

October 29, 2020 | 01 min read


Bizom India Kirana Report – September 2020 Edition

Given the challenges consumer businesses have had in the last six months, there are very few things that could thrill us right now. Royal Challengers Bengaluru winning the IPL, maybe!

The vaccine, sure!

Are Kiranas bouncing back? Most definitely! And that’s precisely what we’re talking about in the September edition of the Bizom India Kirana Report.

Forget the gloom and doom announced by our latest GDP numbers. The Bizom India Kirana Report Sep-2020 report has the first reliable indicators of businesses bouncing back and the horizon’s looking great now that we’re entering the festive mood in the country, virus notwithstanding. 

For a sample of the report, click here. For the full report, write to us at and our sales team will get in touch with you.

We curated our best FMCG data insights for you!

Of course, you know that we love working on data stories and market research reports. But we like you more. This is why, we looked up our best-performing market research and data insights stories, and curated them in our last newsletter of October. Check them out if you haven’t already. Cheers!

5 Reasons Why JioMart Will Put a Stop to the Reliance Juggernaut

The Reliance juggernaut seems unstoppable today. Jio’s win in the telecom war was both unprecedented and spectacular. Still, Reliance’s foray into e-commerce is, Lalit Bhise feels, bound to be a mediocre success or a failure. Here is why>>

How Did Kirana Stores Perform in July 2020?

So what is the kirana story now? Our India Kirana Report by Akshay D’Souza and Rohit Agarwal provides an overview of the key trends and insights on the kirana landscape. Read more>>

3 New RTM Strategies and  3 Market Trends That All Sales Leaders Should Know

The first edition of our COVID-19 India Impact Report on retailer spend was covered in Business Standard, ET Prime and YourStory.  The second edition bests the earlier one with RTM & market insights! More here>>

5 Wicked Facts About FMCG Categories That Bucked The Trend

Despite the gloom of lockdowns and unavailability of SKUs, some CPG categories did well. A few others haven’t yet climbed out of the fall from the early days of the lockdown. Read more about it here>>

Ditch Nielsen Reports, Act-On Real-Time CPG Insights

In the age of real-time analytics, Nielsen and its ilk are dinosaurs. They once ruled the world with their reports. But have lost relevance with outdated research methodologies and no real-time data. Here’s why>>

Bizom Beat Map View

The all-new Bizom Beat Map View is here. Get more business insights and track your outlets in real-time. Watch our product video for more!

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