Improve on-ground execution and sales force productivity

Beat Optimization maximizes the scope of sales & ensures maximum outlet coverage.
Beat Planner
Create data-driven journey plans for every sales representative:

Maximize Coverage

Minimize travel time between outlets with right-beat sequencing, to maximize market coverage.

Equitable Sales Target

Optimize every beat based on outlet potential and distribute opportunities evenly amongst sales teams.

Maximize Sales Value

Boost sales in each geography by better servicing KROs (key retail outlets).

Balanced Approach

Find the right mix of sales potential and outlet coverage to amplify sales productivity.

Gain maximum benefits with the best retail beat planner:

Improve service levels for different outlets categories and KROs.

Scientifically design journey plans to maximize sales per beat.

Increase sales reps' productivity by reducing travel time and cost per salesperson.

Identify & remove duplicate beats from the system.

Ensure there is proper outlet coverage.

Let every beat lead to profitability. Leverage Beat Optimization to omit sales stagnation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Beat optimization is a strategic route planning tool that aims to enhance sales representatives' efficiency and productivity by creating data-driven journey plans. By optimizing the sequence of outlets visited and tailoring plans to outlet potential, Beat Optimization minimizes travel time and maximizes market coverage. This results in increased sales opportunities and better service for key retail outlets.

Beat Optimization ensures maximum outlet coverage by carefully designing journey plans for sales representatives. The process prioritizes outlets with the highest potential and strategically arranges the visit sequence. This minimizes travel time between outlets, allowing sales teams to engage with more outlets within the same time frame.

Beat optimization allows for the customization of journey plans based on outlet categories and Key Retail Outlets (KROs). This enables sales reps to provide tailored services, ultimately improving service levels and fostering stronger relationships with clients.
Beat optimization significantly boosts sales reps' productivity by reducing travel time and cost per salesperson. With optimized journey plans, reps spend more time engaging with clients and less time on the road, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Beat optimization employs data intelligence to identify duplicate beats in the system. By eliminating redundancy, the sales process becomes more streamlined, avoiding wasted efforts and resources.

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