Can FMCG be There, When No Network is Near?

by Rituparna Nath

September 2, 2021 | 02 min read


Can FMCG be There, When No Network is Near?

While the television and internet are taking brands to the farthest corners of the earth, the travelling salesman still has to face many challenges to reach the most rural parts of the country and grow the company’s business. Sometimes there’s no road and most times there’s no network.

Imagine travelling for hours using irregular transportation, only to reach the destination and realise that your phone’s out of network so you can’t take any sales orders! This happens to hundreds of salespeople every day.

Their apps stop working the moment the network goes bleak, which forces them to go back to the pen and paper to get the sale going. But that’s just the start. They need to replicate the same effort later and update the order on their apps to inform them that the sale has actually happened. Just think. If 1 in 5 salespeople in a team of 100 faces this problem once every day, then atleast 20 sales reps need to go through this painstaking task daily.

This not just increases the time taken to fulfil the order, but also results in an inefficient system and many frustrated salespeople. 

But, when an FMCG brand digitizes its supply chain ecosystem, the lack of network is not worth pondering upon, right?

And yes, for FMCG moguls who are selling across the globe, digitization is not an option but is rather fundamental. In a world where everyone, from the school dance teacher to the bible preacher is leveraging the internet to the hilt to benefit their lives, it makes no sense for FMCG brands to make their salespeople go through the burden of paperwork to increase retail sales. Thus the process of FMCG selling should most definitely be digitized to have information and sales flowing more rapidly.

But then, what about the lack of internet?

At Bizom we found an intelligent cure to this problem. We added a feature in our salesforce app, to let sales reps take new orders without any internet.

Bizom Offline makes it possible for the travelling salesman to travel to any part of the world to grow the business, without worrying about the internet. May it be to take new sales orders from existing stores, add a new store or even access marketing promotional collaterals without the internet, Bizom Offline ensures that business doesn’t take a break, when even the network breaks. And once the sales rep reaches a place with network coverage, the app will sync all data, ensuring the right information reaches the right place.

Like for example, one of our clients who is building their market in Egypt was faced with tremendous network problems that hail in that country. But with Bizom Offline, the sales teams can now carry on with their work without any worry and just need to sync the app once they reach a distributor’s point, which has a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Explore Bizom Offline and find out how 500+ brands are making their sales teams stronger with this tool. Connect with us at to schedule a free demo.

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