Only Selling a Brand, not Building it?

by Rituparna Nath

July 6, 2023 | 01 min read


Only Selling a Brand, not Building it?

Cows were the first to be branded.

Shepherds used to stamp a symbol on their cows to identify them.

Obviously, today branding has gained global importance and everyone from a street hawker to a politician relies heavily on branding efforts to build a name for the future.

You yourself are a brand.

So who actually built you?

Your school and colleges probably helped you raise the value of your brand.

But it’s actually your parents, teachers and mentors who worked to build your brand.

May it be the times when they told you to be more kind, or when they gave you that life-altering lesson that you still abide by today.

And they never stopped building you, even today. Right?

So why not do the same for your products?

Setting the monthly targets and placing products at outlets are mere efforts that would help you sell more.

But to build the brand you ought to do more.

Just like your people did for you.

You need to go beyond dumping stock at stores. Step up and monitor how exactly your products are placed on store shelves, beside which competitors, and in which zones, etc, using real-time shelf tracking solutions like Smart Merchandising.

Further ensure that brand building remains a continuous effort, by complementing this with amplified retail intelligence like Auto-replenishment systems, which automatically alerts distributors to send stock to outlets when Smart Merchandising notifies that stock levels are down.

Do NOT stop the conversation with your sales team after giving them targets.

But rather work with them to drive those targets with the help of tools like Suggested Ordering which uses predictive analytics to tell salesmen the exact products and SKU name, along with the quantities that each outlet should stock.

That too exactly when they are standing at the store.

Similarly, there’s a lot more to do at every node of distribution, to build a brand that stands any test of time, while innovating the brand to be larger than what it is today.

Just like your parents and mentors did.

But doing it by yourself will take you decades. That’s why there’s retail intelligence.

Tap on the link below or connect with our team at to explore how technology can fast-tracks brand building in retail.

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