Re-thinking Retail For The Metail Economy

Who holds the reins of a business?

Who holds the reins of a business?

Leaders? Channel partners?

No. It’s always the consumers.

Every innovation in sales & distribution or product, till-date, has directly been driven by the consumer’s way of life.

Frooti, for example, has re-invented the straw of the tetra-pack to make the product stay longer in consumer lives.

A small tweak in the product is ensuring that drinking the 100ml mango drink takes longer than usual.

Result? Consumers are now spending more time enjoying their Frooti. True story.

But what drove this change?


Even the two-litre Frooti bottle that was expected to be sold majorly in supermarkets in tier 1 urban towns, was found to have more demand in tier 2 cities amongst suburban consumers.

But capturing this trend and translating it into actionable decisions is an impossible task without technology that tracks every movement in your trade.

One that tells you what your consumers are thinking. How, what and where they are shopping. 

Today, the only way to understand the Metail Economy, i.e. the me-centric consumers who desire products which give them the “made-for-me” feeling, is by studying them.

Retail Intelligence technology does this in clicks with customized dashboards which get you every right data at your fingertips.

Because why guesswork when you can ace at work?

To know more about how Retail intelligence is evolving traditional distribution into a data-driven distribution and increasing operational efficiency, mail us at and take a product tour. 

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