Power Up The Business Neurons

by Rituparna Nath

June 29, 2023 | 01 min read


Power Up The Business Neurons

There are 86 billion of them living inside you, with the sole purpose of making you live to the fullest.

May it be the pain or happiness you feel, every step that you take or not take, because there is danger ahead. Or even right now when you move your eyes to read the next sentence.

Inside you, there are 86 billion neurons that collect information from the external world, and guides you to take every single action in your life 24*7, even while you’re asleep.

When your phone rings and your ears hear it, these neurons take that information to your brain and commands your hand to move and pick up the phone. Or when your energy level goes down, your neurons make the stomach growl to provoke you to eat a bite.

It’s quite astounding to think that everyday, we use these neurons to make millions of decisions, if not more.

The same is true in Sales and Distribution.

If we think of the business as one body, one soul, imagine how humongous it is and how impossible it becomes to capture every piece of information from the external world and send it to the brain to make the right decision. And then pass on the decision to the body to do the work.

For a neuron it might take much less than a millisecond to get all this done, but for large sales networks it takes days and more.

That’s why businesses require a nervous system for retail – Retail Intelligence.

So when a product is having a bad day in the market, managers sitting at the office can be automatically commanded to look into the product performance and find the best solution, using AI-driven predictive analytics.

Retail intelligence neurons will also instantly alert your company when a 1000-mile away outlet is low on stock, thanks to auto-replenishing systems.

Even when the sales team enters the market, these neurons will guide them how to make every move. They’ll use advanced route planning to tell each salesman which outlet to visit when. Moreover, using an assortment planning mechanism, retail intelligence will instantly create a tailor-made order for every outlet, based on data and insights.

And just like the neurons in the brain that alert you to sleep when you’re exhausted, in the business too, you can be alerted when there’s need to hold back on your investments. Like when trade promotional spends for a new product starts to impact the performance of premium products in a particular outlet, TPM Optimization tool will pass on that information immediately to alert all stakeholders to change the product placement mix.

The list of possibilities with retail intelligence is as large as the brain can comprehend. To experience how Retail Intelligence works, tap on the button below or mail us at marketing@mobisy.com.

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